Pramila Naresh Choksi

From the founders desk:-

Born in 1938 and being the first child to become a graduate in the family and in the whole Taluka where she was staying with her parents , in 1958 , is her greatest achievement and a toughest one in the circumstances then prevailing .

Having a work experience as a specialized Bio Chemist in Glaxo Limited for two years and in Boehringer Knoll Limited for seventeen years and climbing the ladder of success from working as a Bio Chemist to heading the Fine Chemicals Division of an MNC as a General Manager, his career graph was a true story of grit, hardwork and dedication with passion for achieving his goals.

Worked as a school teacher, for two years before getting married to the founder, after settling down in the new married life , join hands with the founder in 1969 in setting up the retail , wholesale , pharma business , walked hand and worked shoulder to shoulder in the management consultancy business , always supporting him , guiding him and taking care of the whole team with motherly affection are her key strong points .

Even after the sudden demise of the founder in 1999 she has strongly continued the legacy set by the founder , and is now instrumental in converting the then Partnership Firm into the present Private Limited Company .

To this date she still inspires all of us in the team with her hardwork , dedication and affection towards the whole team .


Bela Manish Choksi

Born in 1969 in Baroda and completing her graduation in Chemistry , got married to the son of the Founders at a tender age of 21 .

With her sincerity and dedication , helped the founders in the Retail and the Wholesale Pharmaceutical business . With her zest for knowledge , learnt about the commercial activities of the business and is now taking care of all the Book Keeping , Accounting and Statutory Compliances of the Company .

Her helping hand and independent and non selfish approach towards work and the team , has gained her a special respect amongst the team members .

Her tremendous support and care for the whole team , have enabled the team to carry forward the legacy of the founders even after the sudden demise of one of the founders in 1999 .

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