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About Us

Organically grown from a proprietary concern in 1969 to a Partnership Firm in 1988 and armed with a strong vision Thane Apollo Management Services Private Limited (TAMSPL) was formed in the year 2004. The vision was to build a management consultancy and service oriented organization which helps individuals and businesses to unfold potential. Many companies in the executive search and consulting industry focused only on transactional relationships. These companies were also unable to successfully address the individual and organization problems. Further to state, we are a premier consulting organization which has spearheaded business growth over the last 14 years. With the singular objective of catalyzing success for our clients, our service offerings and expertise have evolved dynamically in response to our clients' needs. Today we encompass traditional consulting areas such as strategy, corporate finance, Mergers and Acquisitions ( M & A ) and unique offerings such as technology transfer and innovation advisory. We stand out in the consulting landscape with our synergistic combination of holistic service offerings driven by truly integrated teams and aversion to expertise in silos. Our clients usually love us most for our forward looking vision and eye for opportunities combined with our unparalleled execution capability.

Why Us

Depth of Geographical and Industrial perspective

As one of the only advisory entity in India that combines innovation, strategy and M&A practices, TAMSPL is uniquely positioned to catalyze market success and innovation advancement. Leveraging on the ability of our professionals to offer high quality and effective services to businesses worldwide, we have emerged as the trusted partner for decision makers operating across global markets. Over the last three decades, we have made significant headway in early stage as well as growth strategies across industry segments and geographies. Today, our depth of industry expertise is well complemented by our global vision and presence, along with the breadth of services offered.

Practical knowledge of technology access and commercialization

Through unique combination of expertise in science and strategy we have a strong leadership position in this innovation led industry. We provide strategic advisory services to the corporate sector, public research bodies, academic institutions and non-profit enterprises to develop appropriate research focus and commercialization opportunities. We engage across the ecosystem and partner with all stakeholders from research labs exploring new frontiers to companies delivering results to final consumers through product commercialization.

Understand Execution challenges and Implications

We blend innovation into strategy consulting by steering away from a purely commercial approach to one driven equally by trends in science and markets. Our multi-disciplinary engagement allows us to envision opportunities and challenges in a holistic manner and develop strategies that are operationally effective. Our ability to develop innovation road maps for enterprises and optimize portfolios has ensured sustained competitive advantage.

Our Services

Business Advisory

From our inception 30 years ago, we have been advising clients on market entry and growth. We are particularly known for obsession with steering away from non-value adding advisory reports.

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Financial Advisory

TAMSPL corporate finance and transaction advisory group leads transactions to drive market entry and growth and facilitates successful outcomes through transaction support services.

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International Taxation

As multinationals across the world look to invest or establish themselves in India and begin to transact more actively, it is important that India's tax and regulatory policies are well.

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Indirect Taxation

Indirect taxes pervade every area of a company's business. Their impact on material and product costs, cash flow, profitability and, ultimately, on shareholder value is an important element.

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Transaction Advisory

We help our clients to successfully complete transactions, by helping them identify right potential targets / investors, conducting due diligence, mapping out transaction roadmap.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a change management strategy which has the aim to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision.

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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Commercial Laws, Banking Laws

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Explaining the concepts & Accounting Standards, Coaching in successful implementation of accounting system, Preparation of Training Module.

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Company Formation

Limited Liability : Shareholder enjoys limited liability to the extent of capital invested. Shareholder's personal assets protected in the event of the company's insolvency.

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Business Planning and Project Reports

When Project Report Required?
It is required when you apply for small loans in any bank or financial institution.

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NRI Taxation in India

Who is a Non-Resident Indian?
An Indian abroad is popularly known as Non-Resident Indian (NRI). NRI is legally defined under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Outsourcing Services

Name in itself
Outsourcing is a great option for them to make the work process easier to handle. Those working in a local company may choose to outsource.

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The People

Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction.

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